Simpson's Jewelry / Est. 1895

Jewelry Pawn Shop and Jewelry Backed Loans (Collateral Loans)

While not a traditional pawn shop, Simpson's Jewelry, Philadelphia PA, specializes as a jewelry pawn shop and handles personal cash loans for jewelry, diamonds, watches, gold, silver flatware, or coins used as collateral. We are a licensed pawnbroker and members of the Better Business Bureau, the National Pawnbrokers Association, and the Pennsylvania Pawnbrokers Association.

As a jewelry pawn shop, our jewelry backed loan rates are amongst the lowest in the country and are regulated by the Pennsylvania State Banking Commission. If you are interested in pawning jewelry, diamonds, watches, gold, silver or coins, come see the professionals at Simpson's Jewelry, Philadelphia PA, for a fair market personal loan.

How It Works

Collateral Loans are easier than you think at Simpson's. Simply bring your item(s) to us. We will evaluate your jewelry, diamonds, watches, gold, silver or coins and present you with a loan value while you wait. If you decide to make the loan, a ticket will be issued containing a description, the loan amount borrowed and a due date. The due date is 5 months for loans under $150.00 and 6 months for loans exceeding $150. There is an additional grace period of 90 days after all due dates. This means that you will have a total of either 8 or 9 months before any payments have to be made.

Interest Amount

The Pennsylvania State Banking Commission allows us to charge interest at the rate of 3% per month which is much lower than most states. If you borrow $100.00 for one month, your interest for that month would only be $3.00. If you borrowed $500.00 for one month, your interest would be $15.00.

It is that easy! Just bring in your item and your personal identification and we will be able to make you a collateral loan.


Interested in selling your jewelry? We also buy jewelry and you'll receive more money for each piece. Sell Your Jewelry at Simpson's Jewelry.

Come visit us at Simpson's Jewelry, 116 South 12 St., Philadelphia PA 19107, or contact us at 215-925-2727 or 215-925-2712